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Everything You Need to Know

Can I bundle any services at Kin Culture to save money?

Yes, we offer bundles on our Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions. We find our members love to experience a lot of what we offer here, and this is a way to get more of what we do for less money up front. You can check out the options on our Bundles page.

Does Kin Culture offer Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Yes, our certified FST specialist, Tyler DeBoer, offers FST sessions and packages. You can check out his bio in our Trainers page, and check out our FST rates on our Stretch Therapy page.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a system of assisted stretching that targets fascia and joints. Certified therapists use movement through a series of stretches to unlock tension in the deepest layers of tissues. The aim is to unravel restrictions in the fascia, relax the hold the nervous system has on the tissue, and open up the joint space by stretching the fascia throughout the body.

Is Personal Training available at Kin Culture?

Yes, along with our Group Fitness Class and Fascial Stretch Therapy, we offer Personal Training services as well. We have four experienced Personal Trainers on staff and you can learn more about them on our Trainers page with their rates.

Are there showers and change rooms available?

Yes, we have large, private showers with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The showers have a dry section inside them so you can bring your clothes inside and change inside the shower itself. We also have blowdryers and fresh large bath towels available free of charge as well.

Is there parking at the studio available?

There is free 2 hour parking located in the area as well as pay parking along 4th Avenue. There are nearby lots as well if needed, but our members usually can find a spot in the residential streets south of 4th Avenue.

What classes does Kin Culture offer?

We have four classes that are in rotation at our studio - STRONG, ENDURE, CONDITIONING, and IN MOTION. Each class has a different focus and you can learn more about them on our Classes page on the website.

How many people are in the classes at Kin Culture?

Our group classes are capped at 12 people per class. Depending on the time of day they can range from just a few in class to the full 12.

Can I try a class before I commit to a membership?

* Absolutely, we offer a complimentary first class to all new members. The next 3 classes are only $60 to keep trying things out.

How experienced are the personal trainers at KIN Culture?

* Our personal trainers are all certified and have extensive experience in various fitness disciplines. Check out their bios on our Trainers page on this website for more info.

What should I bring to my first class at KIN Culture?

Bring a water bottle and comfortable workout clothes. Shoes are optional depending on the class. We supply towels and you can refill your water bottle in our filtered water station.

Are all fitness levels welcome in group classes?

Yes, our group classes cater to all fitness levels, with modifications available as needed. Because of our small class sizes, we can tailor the workout for everyone in class to feel challenged in the safest way possible.

How do I sign up for a membership?

Sign up for a membership online through our website or in person at our facility. Your first class is free with no commitment at all. The next 3 are only $60 to keep trying things out.

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