Elevate Your Fitness, Train With Your Kin.

Classes like no other

Our small group classes are designed to elevate your fitness journey by emphasizing practical movement, high-level body learning, recovery, performance, and strength. The primary goal is to train your body to be functional and agile, equipping you with skills that can be applied to everyday life.

KIN classes go beyond traditional workouts, incorporating dynamic exercises and techniques that enhance body awareness and coordination. We prioritize recovery strategies, recognizing the importance of rest and rejuvenation in achieving optimal performance.

Check out our classes below and book yourself in for free to get started.


Strong focuses on compound strength movements: deadlifts, squats, lunges and more with the application of high-weight, low repetition techniques to build strength.


Longer intervals; lighter weight. Endure is focused on improving stamina, strengthening your core, and training in dynamic planes of motion.


We focus on all the details when it comes to making you a better runner! The prep, the activation, and of course - how you run. There's a build up in this class designed to help you run more efficiently, effectively, and pain-free.


To get the most out of our training, our bodies need to rest. Complimenting the other Kin classes, Reset is designed to help you recover, breathe deeper, and open your body up.

Corporate Training

Elevate your team's well being in our specialized sessions that are designed to empower your employees with benefits that last a life-time.

Our aim is a perfect balance of energizing workouts to stoke the fire in your team while providing strategies for recovery and rejuvenation. KIN corporate partnerships aim to enhance your team's lifestyle and have them thriving in true work/life balance.

Partner with KIN today and let's work together to create a transformative wellness experience that brings out the best in your workforce.



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